Blog recommends using only verified wallets to avoid the loss of digital assets

If you decide to convert your savings into cryptocurrency(exchange for electronic money) or start earning cryptocurrency, you will need to choose a reliable wallet for storing it. Without such a repository, the accumulation or use of an alternative monetary unit is impossible, because it does not have a material embodiment, exists and develops in the vastness of the blockchain network.

Using an online wallet is very convenient for new users, in particular, it does not require installation and functions are not inferior to desktop utilities. Cryptocurrency differs from traditional money primarily in that it is not stored in a wallet or some virtual bank, but directly in the blockchain ecosystem. The coins themselves, information about the distribution of digital assets between users, transaction history-all this data is stored by the chain.

Here are some e-Wallets, that are well-known for their reliability:


The platform serves as the basis for creating solutions based on distributed registry technologies with a modular architecture and supports the use of one or more networks. The ability to provide a high level of security, flexibility, reliability, and scalability makes Zaddex suitable for developing enterprise-level solutions. It also has following advantages:

  • The best way to manage your bitcoins;
  • Perfect for anyone connected to the cryptocurrency market and willing to spend BTC on stores and online shopping without a problem;
  • This system makes it easy to convert your bitcoins into supported currencies;
  • No hidden fees or unfair pricing;
  • User support service within five minutes;
  • Simplicity and convenience of working online and high reliability of the operator;
  • The highest degree of security of funds today. There was not a single case of theft of funds on Zaddex;
  • Full decentralization.


This is a crypto-wallet and an exchange in one service, providing customers with the opportunity to create a bitcoin wallet, exchange cryptocurrencies and store them in one place. To protect bitcoins, a security system of the latest generation has been implemented. In case of safety, the Matbea wallet uses three-factor authentication: SMS code, email code, and PIN code. Even if a virus has settled on your computer, it will not be able to read the code from the SMS in any way. The service is reliable, because there is a regular backup of files with bitcoins, so even in the event of an accident or failure of hard drives, the bitcoins of customers will be immediately restored.


This wallet, which was developed by the company of the same name, is the most time-tested and well-known online service for managing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is actively used by more than two million people around the world. Every day, tens of thousands of transactions are made through the Blockchain wallet. During the entire existence of the online service in bitcoin, over twenty million dollars were transferred through it.