Play to Earn NFT Games: Get Ready for the NFT Drop of the First P2E Cricket Game

Since the first video games got along well with the youth of the 1970s and 1980s, they have resulted in the formation of a separate business segment. Many movies were created on the concept that suggested humans could very soon become part of video games in real life, such as the famous Spy Kids series. With the arrival of blockchains, everything they touched had a change that would last forever, and it was not different when it came to video games. Blockchain-based games transformed the way video games are looked upon by the general public, and the positive changes inflicted might stay on forever. Now, people lead their livelihoods through earnings from such games based on the play-to-earn (P2E) model, and more people could soon join the new age game revolution.

The current era in the gaming industry is nothing short of a revolution since games have started giving back to its player, which was not the case before. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which back the in-game assets are the primary reason behind the P2E model’s universal success. Now, the gaming revolution could see a huge spike in P2E adoption due to a single announcement that has amazed the gaming community. The announcement of the NFT drop event for the world’s first-ever NFT cricket game by a popular NFT applications development firm has already garnered widespread attention across the world. In this blog, we will see more about the upcoming NFTs of the P2E game’s first drop event, and some of the assumptions found in social media that could actually turn out true.

More About the Announcement in Discussion

We are looking at Super Loot, the NFT drop event from, an NFT cricket game developed by GuardianLink, a firm developing NFT application products. The ultimate aim of the NFT marketplace and the drop hosted there would be towards forming the first metaverse cricket game from India (possibly the world’s first here too), with the P2E game Meta Cricket League as the foundation. An important statement from the official press release was that the Super Loot drop event aims to gather cricket, gaming, and NFT enthusiasts under a single umbrella. This leaves onlookers to speculate that the NFTs involved in the drop might be of various categories and might probably include a range of digital and physical NFT products, which could provide some extra utilities apart from being in-game assets. Also, the drop could increase the size of the P2E gaming community, particularly in the cricket-cherishing regions in Asia, and the Caribbean, which are among the populous developing countries. In a nutshell, the new NFT cricket game is setting itself to reach the level of the Axie Infinity ecosystem, with an added metaverse experience setting it apart.

Play to Earn NFT Cricket Game – What Will It Mean for a Player?

In the present day, multiple cricket games across platforms have a massive fan following, although there have been accusations of dismal graphics and the one-way expenses associated with such games. With the play-to-earn model, though, the disadvantage of spending a lot of money knowing it could not be redeemed gets out of context. When played consistently, a P2E NFT cricket game might well give back your investments in a short time, depending on your skill level. After that, all the rewards achieved goes totally as profits, and a passive income is hence guaranteed. Such income could exist at any point in time, given that there would be a dynamic in-game economy that we have witnessed from the current day blockchain-based NFT games. Even if a player wishes to stop playing the NFT cricket game at any point in time due to some reason, the NFTs possessed by the player can easily be traded within the game’s metaverse.

How is Social Media Getting Ready for the Super Loot Drop?

Since the official press release first came out earlier in March, there have been talks generating huge levels of interest around the upcoming NFT drop. Also, many social media posts supporting the game can be seen. It is worth noting that the hashtag #jumptrade has been trending across social media platforms. The excitement is not only among cricket-savvy social media users but general users across the world as well. The major reason for the world-level reach is that the Super Loot drop could mostly come with benefits, irrespective of which region of the NFT space or target audiences they belong to. Broad-minded ventures such as always collect huge support, and it has been proven yet again. With the Super Loot countdown inching closer to its end, one can only expect huge excitement sprayed around the new Play-to-Earn NFT cricket game. If all the social media buzz around the NFT marketplace’s Super Loot drop, then one could expect new records to be set in the NFT world.

Would the NFT Drop Go A Long Way Down in History?

The upcoming Super Loot NFT drop event for the new NFT cricket game could be remembered for a long time when it comes to Play-to-Earn metaverse gaming. This can be clearly seen by the amount of excitement and hype seen among cricket fans, gamers, and NFT enthusiasts across different social media platforms globally. Therefore, it can be easily said that the nearing Super Loot NFT drop event could pave a long way for metaverse-based Play-to-Earn cricket games and become a turning point in the gaming industry in the history of video gaming.

Some Summarizing Thoughts

As a final thought, we can say that the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop during mid-April has the power to script a big page in the annals of gaming history. The present excitement levels have been immense, and with the drop set to take place during the busiest month in the cricketing calendar, vibrations could only get positive. So, it could possibly be a missed opportunity if some cricket geeks miss out on the event and feel like people who understood cryptos much later.