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Landshare Makes Acquiring Real Estate on Blockchain a Reality

Investors can obtain fractional ownership of real estate through Asset Tokens

LINCOLN, N.H., Nov. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Landshare is bringing real estate to the blockchain by offering legally compliant, fractional ownership of real estate assets on the Binance Smart Chain. Landshare's tokenization model offers investors a means to invest in the real estate market and generate cash flow without having to worry about property maintenance, tenants, or rent collection.

How does Landshare work?

Landshare offers fractional real estate investment through tokenization. Tokenization is the process by which the ownership of real estate assets is represented by tokens on the blockchain. Each tokenized property is held by its own legal entity, and the shares of the entity are represented by tokens. Tokenized assets are managed and rented out to tenants by Landshare to generate yields, which are distributed among token holders.

How Secure Is Landshare?

Investments in tokenized assets offer additional protections compared to traditional cryptocurrencies. They enjoy additional rights such as the ability to have tokens re-issued. For example, if an investor wallet is compromised, Landshare freezes the assets from the stolen wallet and reissues them to a new, secured wallet belonging to the investor.

How Are Asset Tokens Purchased?

To purchase through Landshare, investors must complete a KYC process and become eligible to purchase Asset Tokens. Upon purchasing the Asset Token investors get the individual portion of the ownership in the properties and makes them eligible for monthly payments. These payments, rental yields, are distributed to token holders monthly. 

Geographic restrictions apply to Asset Token offerings on the Landshare platform. A list of restricted countries can be seen on

Landshare Token

The Landshare Token, LAND, sits at the heart of the Landshare platform. LAND is the utility token that allows users access to all features within Landshare. The LAND Token is distinguished from Asset Tokens in that it does not derive its value from real estate assets nor is it backed by any real estate, it is strictly the utility of the platform. 

The primary utility of the Landshare Token is its use as a payment method for Tokenized Asset investments. To purchase an Asset Token, investors must pay 10% of the purchase price in LAND. When using Landshare's Loan Protocol, borrowers incur interest which must be repaid in LAND. Landshare Tokens or LAND-BNB LP tokens can also be staked to earn rewards.


Landshare Asset Token offerings have not, and will not be, registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act") and may be offered or sold to non-US residents outside of the United States. Accordingly, the Securities are being offered and sold only to the non-US residents in compliance with SEC Final Rule Offshore Offers and Sales (Regulation S).

Contact Person: Jordan Friske

Contact email: [email protected]


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