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Cuneus Data Lab Introduces its Layer-1 Blockchain Network for the Tokenization, Pricing and Trading of Analytical Data

MONTRÉAL, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cuneus Data Lab (“Cuneus”), a Montréal-based technology lab, announced today the introduction of its TDU-Network for Tradable Data Units (TDUs), operating as a layer-1 blockchain. Data on the network are standardized and priced into Super Data Ledgers (SDLs). SDLs are composed of 3 types of analytical and tradable data units, while each SDL is tokenized to reflect its underlying market value.

The TDU blockchain is powered by its native cryptocurrency which acts as a utility token for the network: A work token for data contributors to build and tokenize their SDLs, and a usage token for data consumers to interact with the SDLs.

Data contributors on the network are sell-side research desks, analytical data providers and quantitative research firms. Data consumers on the network include buy-side clients, family offices, and boutique investment firms. The TDU-network will start onboarding throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2022.

With the right to work on the network, data contributors standardize and price their analytical data assets, while data consumers can track, trade, and invest in those assets.

The network’s medium-term target it to yield US$ 2.2 Trillions in SDL token transactions from 30 SDLs. An average SDL data transaction is targeted at US$ 10,500, while the average SDL data wallet spending per year is expected to be US$ 240,000.

About Cuneus:
Cuneus Data Lab is a FinTech lab, providing data protocols for the discovery, standardization, and trading of analytical data. Cuneus is creating a new set of digital assets via the introduction of the TDU-Network and is paving a shift in the analytical data market from data as a service to data as a commodity.

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