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Popular Crypto Game Offers $275k to Winners

2018 version nearly broke Ethereum forever

Boston, MA, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) Three years ago, a cryptocurrency game got so popular that players brought the Ethereum Network to its knees just to win. Today, that game, Fomo3D is back, but instead of suffering the high transaction costs that plagued its predecessor, it--and its token counterpart, P3D--utilize the Binance Smart Chain to make the game more accessible to ordinary players. 

At the moment, the game has only been running since November 11th, but the prize pot has already surpassed 481 BNB, or $275,000 USD. The game’s mechanics are somewhat simple: players buy keys to contribute to the pot, the pot is attached to a 24 hour clock that is continuously counting down, whoever buys the last key collects the jackpot. Every time a key is bought, 30 seconds are added to the clock and the price of the next key increases slightly. However, even if somebody else wins the jackpot, keyholders and token-stakers still collect passive income through dividends from key purchases. Furthermore, when the clock runs out, those still holding tokens receive portions of the jackpot proportional to their share of tokens. 

What makes the token itself even more enticing is its usage of a deflationary mechanism, every time a holder sells their share of coins, 10% are automatically burned. Since the launch of the P3D token, over 15% of its original billion coins have already been burned, which is great for investors. While other coins such as the extremely popular Shiba Inu token excitedly talk about their coin burning down until the value is .01 USD within five years, holders of P3D may very well see that sort of price point within a few months, if not weeks.

“We had a lot of burn even before the game launched,” said developer Smokey Nagata, “I think a lot of people saw some of the hype around the launch and thought it would be a good opportunity to make a quick profit, but I’m sure a lot of them are kicking themselves right now.”

However, it is exactly this kind of hit-and-run approach to cryptocurrency that made “Smokey” want to revive the game for 2021. 

“It’s been a big year for cryptocurrency,” explained “Smokey,” “investment news channels talk about NFTs and Dogecoin with the same seriousness as they do the DOW and NASDAQ; but it’s still the Wild West. People talk about Fomo3D as if it was just a game, but it was so much more than that. The overall project, the Proof of Weak Hands (PoWH) was originally designed as a commentary about the state of the cryptocurrency market back in 2018: it was mocking the jargony buzzwords and slapdash whitepapers that riddled the landscape back then. Ironically enough, it’s probably more relevant today than even when it was originally launched.”

Keys for the lottery are available for purchase on the FOMO3D website and can be purchased using Metamask, TrustWallet, and WalletConnect.  As of now, the P3D token is exclusively available on PancakeSwap and Rubic Exchange, but the developers have eyes on expansion, if not outright global domination. 

“What do I think will be the endgame?” “Smokey” could only speculate, “maybe a few crypto billionaires will be left to fight it out, maybe nations will band together to win it all, or maybe the entire network will crash like in 2018. All I know is it’s gonna be a bloodbath.”

To connect with the team behind Fomo3D and P3D, follow their Twitter, or join them on Telegram. To learn more in-depth about the game's mechanics, check out the FOMO3D Wiki.

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