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Falafel Coin Becomes the First Blockchain Gaming Company to Release a Play2Earn Crypto Game on the Apple App Store

The Hummus and Dragons game will also be released on Google Play on December 6

Dublin, Ireland, Nov. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Falafel Coin, the futuristic indie blockchain gaming company that rewards users for playing games, has published the first officially released Play2Earn crypto game, Hummus and Dragons, on the Apple App Store.

In another milestone achievement, the Hummus and Dragons game will be released on the Google Play store on December 6.

Falafel Coin previously introduced the first free Play2Earn game on mobile app stores and will continue to publish games with a unique crypto rewards system that gives players the opportunity to earn crypto for free.

Players earn rewards in Falafel Coin tokens and there are no deposits or transaction fees required. Players earn rewards through various accomplishments, such as accumulating a target number of items, reaching the top 20 in high scores and beating the game. Falafel Coin allocates thousands of dollars each month and distributes it to all eligible players.

Falafel Coin is grounded in blockchain-based gaming, as its games integrate blockchain and video games and link them together so players can connect it to their crypto wallets.

In addition to offering a free way of earning crypto through games, players can learn about blockchain technology in a fun and seamless way. That means that anyone can earn Falafel tokens as long as they are playing Falafel games.

A Falafel Coin spokesperson said, “We wanted to bring more attention into this new and free Play2Earn paradigm in a way that players can earn crypto without spending money or depositing assets from their pockets. Potentially, we want to change and influence the video game industry using blockchain technology.”

Falafel tokens can be purchased on PancakeSwap and there are 1 quadrillion Falafel tokens.

According to the spokesperson, PancakeSwap has outstanding tools that allow traders to invest in different opportunities, such as liquidity mining, staking and farming, and Falafel Coin wants its investors to be able to avail themselves of all opportunities.

Falafel Coin has added a modest amount of liquidity to start the sale of its token and wants early investors to benefit from the low starting token price at the launch stage.

A 0.1 percent burn rate is set for every transaction to reduce the overall supply and increase the scarcity of the token, meaning each new holder will make the token more valuable. The burn function will decrease the overall supply number immediately without the need of sending tokens to a burn wallet. This will ensure accuracy, especially when listed in price tracker websites.

Falafel Coin has implemented a three percent rewards system in the Falafel smart contract, with a three percent fee deducted from each transaction involving Falafel tokens on the blockchain. The fee is then distributed among all Falafel holders.

This passive income ensures that holders’ balances increase as long as the tokens are held in their crypto wallets. Owners will earn Falafel tokens whenever someone buys, sells, sends or receives Falafel.

In the future, Falafel Coin will be focusing on the Arab market, which it considers a forgotten center when it comes to gaming and crypto. Falafel Coin will develop an original game that will have its own hero who will represent the Arab culture and the people of the Middle East.

The game and its characters will also represent the people of the Middle East who were displaced from their homes and left everything behind due to conflicts that also kept innocent children from education, food and shelter.

There are nearly half a billion people living in Arab countries and millions of Arabs residing abroad, but there are no start-up gaming projects emerging from that region and none in the crypto space.

Falafel Coin plans to represent this market in gaming and crypto. According to the spokesperson, Falafel Coin’s founders believe that there is an opportunity for many of the players from the Middle East to build a sustainable side income that can compete with local minimum wages.

In addition, Falafel Coin will be building blockchain gaming services that it intends to sell to other companies and gaming projects, allowing them to utilize Falafel Coin’s blockchain technology and advertise their tokens on Falafel Coin games.

Falafel Coin will also periodically allocate charity donations from its marketing wallet to non-profit organizations. Those organizations will be listed on Falafel Coin’s website and social media channels.

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