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INVNT GROUP™ Presents Mad Dog Jones’ Newest NFT Collection 'Fallen Gravity': Cyberpunk Art and Star Songs Collide in collaboration with INVNT.ATOM™, Artemis Music Entertainment, and Nifty Gateway

INVNT GROUP™ Presents Mad Dog Jones’ Newest NFT Collection 'Fallen Gravity'

Fallen Gravity is now available at
Fallen Gravity is now available at

New York, New York, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a collaboration powered by INVNT GROUP’s digital innovation and Web3 agency, INVNT.ATOM, artist Michah Dowbak, aka ‘Mad Dog Jones’ is set to drop his newest NFT collection, “Fallen Gravity”. The collection (available on Nifty Gateway) offers collectors unique opportunities to mint exclusive animated artworks, prints, and NFTs inspired by space and the mysteries of the cosmos; the artwork in one of the drops is embedded with unique Star Songs curated by Artemis Music Entertainment and will be sent into space along with a personalized message.

On his inspiration for the project, Mad Dog Jones comments, “Fallen Gravity is about drifting into the unknown. There’s a scientific mastery and human passion interwoven in the art, and music created from the cosmos which represent timeless wonder and dreams of discovery.”

The final phase, ‘Unknowable Dimensions’ will give 500 collectors the rare opportunity to mint a one-of-a-kind NFT that is embedded with its own unique Star Song capturing the music of a celestial spacescape. The Star Songs are created utilizing data sonification algorithms that convert astronomical images into audible music, mapping characteristics of the stars. Powered by Artemis Music Entertainment, the Star Songs integrated with the NFTs are generated from 500 telemetry coordinates over the lifetime of the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the Earth, from its creation on December 6, 1998, through 2030, when it’s set to be decommissioned. The custom Star Songs are integrated with the NFTs to celebrate and honor the duration of the International Space Station’s journey.  

Each of the 500 NFTs will feature a unique and distinct snapshot of the sky, mapped to a specific time, location (longitude and latitude), and date of the ISS’s orbital position. Some images will showcase the sky from 1988 to the present year, 2024, capturing historical skies. Others will offer a forward-looking perspective, rendering what the sky will look like up to the expected decommission year, 2030. Additionally, upon minting the final phase, each collector will have the ability to submit a 50-character personalized message. The approved messages and digital assets will be transmitted through the Artemis Space Network by Mission Control spaceflight engineers where they are beamed to space, orbit around Earth aboard the ISS and beamed back down. Upon completion, collectors will receive a custom Flight Certificate that verifies the asset and personalized message has gone to space, and successfully orbited the planet.

“Fallen Gravity represents the endless possibilities in this new era of storytelling. From the dawn of time and through groundbreaking moments of innovation like the Apollo Program and cinematic experiences like ‘Interstellar’, the human spirit for space exploration has always been intertwined within the matrix of our technicolor society. We’re proud to launch this mission, brought to life with our brilliant collaborators and partners, Mad Dog Jones, Artemis Music Entertainment, and Nifty Gateway. With this once-in-a-lifetime multimedia experience, we weave a story of discovery through art, music, and technology, while offering Web3 and Blockchain enthusiasts, NFT communities, and global collectors a unique opportunity to mint a piece of history and send a message to space. This boundless convergence of art, technology, and creativity will propel the future of human possibility into unchartered and exciting frontiers.” says Scott Cullather, President & CEO of INVNT GROUP and CEO of INVNT.ATOM.

“The Fallen Gravity collection represents the essence of why we created Artemis Music - to inspire and enable artists to create new works through meaningful connections to space and the stars, celebrated through digital space missions that are accessible for anyone. Mad Dog Jones has done this beautifully by integrating Star Songs into his Fallen Gravity collection, while also honoring the legacy of the International Space Station - perhaps the most magnificent technical and socially unifying creation of humanity,” says Bob Richards, Co-Founder of Artemis Music Entertainment.

This collection will drop on April 3rd on the Main Stage of NFT NYC at the session, “Speaking with Extraterrestrials - NFTs in the galaxy” (session time at 1:55PM ET), where Scott Cullather (INVNT GROUP & INVNT.ATOM) will be joined by Mad Dog Jones, Space Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of (Artemis Music Entertainment) and Artemis Space Network, Bob Richards, and Senior Producer of (Nifty Gateway), Patrick Milgram. The group is set to have a candid conversation covering how storytelling is shaping the future of NFTs, the inspiration behind the work, and the roles that blockchain and Web3 can play in the exploration of new realms.

The NFT Collection will drop as follows:
Phase 1 INVERTED DARK MATTER (Open Edition - $99USD) - 1x Animated Artwork + 1x Embroidered Mission Patch, available from Wed April 3 1.55PM ET - Tuesday 9 April 10AM ET

Phase 1.1 DISTANT GALAXIES (Open Edition - for Mad Dog Jones Forever Mart Collection Holders only) - 1x Animated Artwork - limited 24 hours to redeem via Burn/Redeem on the Manifold App, available Monday April 8 12PM ET - Tuesday April 9 11.59ET. 

Phase 2 INFINITE DEPTH (Limited Edition of 1000 Pieces - $349USD) - 1x Animated Artwork + 1x A2 HD Print, available for presale on Tuesday April 9 11AM EDT - 11.59AM EDT, available for general sale Tuesday April 9 12PM ET - Wednesday April 10 11.59AM ET

Phase 2 UNKNOWABLE DIMENSIONS (Limited Edition of 500 Pieces - $749USD) - 1x Animated Artwork + 1x Unique Star Song + Space Flight Cert + Personal Message to Space, available for presale on Tuesday April 9 11AM EDT - 11.59AM EDT, available for general sale Tuesday April 9 12PM ET - Wednesday April 10 11.59AM ET

Fallen Gravity is now available at

Michah Dowbak aka Mad Dog Jones is a multidisciplinary artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he still resides. His works deftly interweave cyberpunk, dystopian imagery exploring themes of beauty, nature and technology. As a lover of the wilderness, which was ever present where he grew up, he brings a fresh thematic to the metropolitan aesthetic, done up in citrus and neon tones of technology somehow rendered as a space naturally human. Dowbak rose to fame in the world of crypto art with the recent success of his Crash + Burn series of NFT artworks as the 1:1 Replicator sold via Phillips NFT Marketplace and was a headliner in the first major NFT art exhibition at UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing.

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Founded by space entrepreneur Bob Richards and musician Kristopher Houck, Artemis Music Entertainment is enabling a digital space economy for the arts by connecting creators, collectors, and communities to accessible, participatory, and meaningful space experiences. The Artemis Space Network, developed by Artemis Music Entertainment Inc., is a space-based commercial platform facilitating digital space missions that are accessible to anyone, anywhere. Artemis Music Entertainment has origins working with NASA to develop astronomically inspired music, art and entertainment initiatives supporting its Artemis Moon-Mars program and transmitted the first ever Web3 artwork and music to space and to the International Space Station to orbit the Earth on July 28th, 2021.

Nifty Gateway is a leading platform revolutionizing the way digital art is bought, sold, and experienced. Backed by cutting-edge blockchain technology, Nifty Gateway offers a diverse range of digital art pieces, from collectible editions to immersive experiences, captivating a global audience of art enthusiasts and investors alike.

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